Aconcagua Libros

Aconcagua Libros is a publishing company established in Seville, Spain, in 1997. The origin is the Aconcagua Bookstore specializing in Latin American Studies (1995-2005). We publish books in various subject areas across the Social Sciences and Humanities. Aconcagua collaborates with universities and research centers. The most important collections of books are:

Textos Universitarios / University Textbooks

Monographs and collective academic books in the field of Social Sciences and Humanities. From 1999 to the present, Aconcagua has published teaching and research texts by university professors.

Memoria Histórica Democrática en España (específicamente en Andalucía y Extremadura) / Democratic Historical Memory in Spain (specifically in Andalusia and Extremadura)

You can consult a complete Catalog on Historical Memory in Spain (2009-2019)

  • El Pasado Oculto (2011-2016). Directed by Francisco Espinosa. Aconcagua Books aims to contribute to the public debate on a stage in the recent history of Spain that has been deliberately silenced for many decades and that, instead, today emerges with unusual force.
  • Manuel Barrios Jímenez Collection (since 2015). Directed by Juan Ramón Troncoso and in collaboration with the Asocicación Andaluza para la Recuperación de la Memoria Histórica Manuel Barrios Jiménez / Andalusian Association for the Recovery of Historical Memory Manuel Barrios Jiménez.
  • Other publications on Historical Memory: Aconcagua Libros has been publishing various works outside of the collection that address issues related to the Spanish civil war, the dictatorship and repression of Francisco Franco, as well as other historical aspects from various aspects.

Los Invisibles / The Invisibles. The legacy of black populations in the Iberian Peninsula.

Jesús Cosano, Andalusian writer, researcher and cultural activist, is the author of this collection of books in which he rescues the African legacy of our country. Jesús Cosano uses literature, history, culture and legend to rescue the history of a legacy, which, as the title of the collection indicates, they wanted to make it invisible.

Latin America

It includes works from this collection, the "La Otra América" ​​collection, now closed, as well as other published books that address issues related to Latin America. Since 2013 they are included in the University Textbooks Collection.

Colección Política y Sociedad -- Cuadernos de Derecho, Política y Sociedad / Politics and Society Collection --  Notebooks of Law, Politics and Society. 

Both collections are linked to the professor and researcher Ramón Soriano (Pablo de Olavide University, Seville). Completing this collection, Aconcagua designs and prints since 2010 the Revista Internacional de Pensamiento Político / International Journal of Political Thought

Completing this collection, Aconcagua designs and prints since 2010 the International Journal of Political Thought

Estudios Andaluces (2012-2013) / Andalusian Studies

Collection now closed, published in collaboration with the Centro de Estudios Andaluces (CEA) and the Asocación Andaluza de Antropología (ASANA)

Cuadernos de Azul Blue Notebooks

Other proposals outside the Aconcagua Books collection: Literature, Photography, Poems and more stories...


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