Aconcagua Libros

Aconcagua Libros is a publishing company established in Seville, Spain, in 1997. The origin is the Aconcagua Bookstore specializing in Latin American Studies (1995-2005). We publish books in various subject areas across the Social Sciences and Humanities. Aconcagua collaborates with universities and research centers. The most important collections of books are: Textos Universitarios (University Textbooks); El Pasado Oculto (History of Spain, 1931-1963); La Otra América (Latin America) and   Política y Sociedad  (Politics and Society).


News and Events

Otto Engelhardt (1866-1936)

13/08/2015 20:22
In Memory of Otto Engelhardt, murdered in Seville in 1936 on the express orders of the Nazis. In...

Antonio Acosta: Los orígenes de la burguesía de El Salvador. 55 International Congress of Americanist. San Salvador (El Salvador)

05/07/2015 16:25
55 International Congress of Americanist. Presentarion of the book by Antonio Acosta Presentation...

20 years of Aconcagua Libros. Jose Saramago in the bookstore Aconcagua (Seville, 1995)

20/04/2015 20:47
This April marks the 20th anniversary of the beginning of our career as booksellers. Two years...

Presentation of the book: Objetivo Ronda. La represión en la Sierra Sur de Sevilla y las comarcas de Antequera y Ronda (March 13)

07/03/2015 20:44
Presentation of the book on Friday March 13 at the Museum of Osuna (Seville, Andalusia,...

Presentation of the book: Mujeres en obras. La construcción interminable de la feminidad (March 18, Seville)

07/03/2015 20:40
Presentation of the book Pura Sánchez Mujeres en obras. La construcción interminable de la...

Movimientos sociales, participación y ciudadanía en Andalucía / Social movements, Participation and Citizenship in Andalusia

15/02/2015 15:46
Félix Talego (Anthropologist, professor at the University of Sevilla) write a review for...
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