Memorias de un libertario andaluz en la guerra civil española

24/05/2014 11:58

Francisco García Barrera

Memorias de un libertario andaluz en la guerra civil española

Edited by Claude Salvador García, preface by Jean Franco and foreword by Angel del Río.

2014. Perfect Paperback. 248 pages. Black & White Photographs. 

22,5 x 17 cm. ISBN: 978-84-96178-99-1. Price.: 15 €

With the collaboration of CGT (Confederación General del Trabajo)


The autobiography of Francisco García Barrera (1908-1999) as a republican anarchist fighter in the Spanish Civil War. His war diary writing a message in the trenches of the battle fronts, but the manuscript is undone when crossing the Ebro river swimming to save the enemy advance. During the last months of 1938, in front of the Segre, Francisco rewrites, but the notebooks not resist withdrawal of Catalonia when marching path of concentration camps in French exile.


The story, written many times, was in memory of Francisco. In the decades of 60 and 70 he will rewrite his war diary with all the emotional force of a heartbreaking testimony. The memories of this Andalusian peasant acquire exceptional interest as they reflect, besides life on, the fronts, the aspirations for freedom, justice and equality that motivated many libertarians his involvement in the fight against fascism and the defense of the Second Spanish Republic.