The story of Pablo's grandfather. About Pablo Iglesias (PODEMOS leader).

28/12/2014 10:21

Manuel Iglesias Ramírez


Manuel Iglesias Ramírez, born in Villafranca de los Barros, Badajoz, grandfather Pablo Iglesias, professor of Political Science (Universidad Complutense), Member of the Euroepan Parliament (MEP) and leader of PODEMOS

Aconcagua published a book of Francisco Espinosa Maestre (2011): Masacre. La represión franquista en Villafranca de los Barros (1936-1945).

Paco Espinosa includes a biography of Manuel Iglesias Ramirez and some of his texts. It includes a brief autobiography (217-229 pages). You can read the text in Spanish  ACCESO AL TEXTO 

Francisco Espinosa writes:

The Court described the trial of Manuel Iglesias: person with leftist ideology from his youth. The Court finds that Iglesias put his intelligence contribution propaganda of the Frente Popular in 1936. He was accused of providing weapons to Republicans Villafranca and act as government representative and encourage resistance fighters.

Iglesias was sentenced to death but the sentence against him was commuted to 30 years, thanks to the intervention of the Minister of the dictatorship, Pedro Gamero del Castillo, a fellow student at the university and one of the heads of the Asociación de Estudiantes Católicos (Association of Catholic Students). Manuel Iglesias should get out of prison on March 29, 1969, but in December 1943 got probation. Later the sentence was reduced to 20 years. After living for a year in his village, Villafranca, in November 1944 received permission to live in Madrid. In 1945, Iglesias would receive the benefits of a pardon but got a negative. However, in 1946, the Tribunal de Responsabilidades Políticas (Court of Political Responsibilities) dismissed his case. The latest summary documents dating from 1960.


Remember you the link (Spanish): ACCESO AL TEXTO