New book: Mujeres en obras. La construcción interminable de la feminidad

05/02/2015 16:52
Mujeres en obras. La construcción interminable de la feminidad.
Pura Sánchez

Aconcagua Libros, 2015. 


Women at work. The endless construction of femininity.


In this paper Pura Sánchez presents a historical overview of 150 years of publications for female consumption in Spain (1840-1978), which invariably readers what being a woman is said and what can or should be done to get it.

The female consumer publications, calls women's magazines, almost from the beginning, have served the dissemination or configuration of femininity, thus supporting the educational work segregating school curricula.

The author analyzes the superficial changes that the discourse on femininity suffering throughout this period, also identifies attempts to build alternative identities to the hegemonic identity of the "angel of the hearth" and the emergence of feminist thought is mentioned in some minority publications very interesting.