Estudios sobre la diversidad sexual en Iberoamérica

07/07/2013 17:06

José María Valcuende del Río, María J. Marco Macarro y David Alarcón Rubio (coords.):

Estudios sobre la diversidad sexual en Iberoamérica

2013. Perfect Paperback, 386 pages. 23 x 16 cm.

ISBN: 978-84-96178-83-0. P.V.P.: 22 €

I Congreso Internacional sobre estudios de Diversidad Sexual en Iberoamérica / First International Congress on Sexual Diversity Studies in Latin America (5-7 July 2012, Universidad Pablo de OIavide, Sevilla).

Researchers from several universities and European and Latin American institutions analyzed from different perspectives: harassment, trafficking in women and teens, education, the role of the family, the contexts of sociability, cultural construction of the body, the LGBT movement pornography the intersextualidad, institutional policies on sexuality, etc. This book presents a broad overview, which allows the reader to approach some of the most evocative research currently being conducted in this field in Latin America.

This book is the first of lacolección "Sexualities and cultures." This series was created with the collaboration between Laboratorio Iberoamericano para el Estudio Sociohistorico de las Sexualidades (LIESS), funded by the Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (Spain) and Aconcagua Libros. The aim of this collection is to contribute to the diffusion and dissemination of research work, which will bring us closer to sexual diversity, preferably in Spanish and Latin American context. Our focus perspectives linking sexualities and cultures from which we can better understand the significance of diverse sexual practices, sexuation of certain groups, identity processes, the mechanisms of power and resistance in different cultural contexts.