Rey Pérez, Julia: Burle Marx. Del lienzo al espacio público en Río de Janeiro

05/12/2014 17:52

Rey Pérez, Julia:

Burle Marx. Del lienzo al espacio público en Río de Janeiro

2014. Perfect Paperback. 296 pages. White and Black photography. 21 x 25 cm. 

ISBN: 978-84-942792-6-3. Price: 18 €

With the collaboration of IEAL (Instituto de Estudios sobre América Latina de la Universidad de Sevilla).

This publication is an extract of the doctoral thesis titled: Burle Marx y su intervención en el paisaje cultural de Copacabana. Documentación, Análisis y Protección en un Patrimonio Contemporáneo (Universidad de Sevilla).

Studying modern landscape today involves speaking of Roberto Burle Marx Brazilian landscape. The distinguished career of São Paulo architect born in 1904 and settled since 1909 in Rio de Janeiro, goes along the birth of the modern city and the transformation of the concept of garden so far prevailed in most public spaces and deprived of Brazil.

The landscape built by Burle Marx is characterized by considering the individual the center of the design of public space. This conceptual issue is his great contribution to the construction of modern landscape. Burle Marx inaugurates modernity in the field of landscape construction.

Research by Julia King documents the design process for each intervention from birth, the idea embodied in his drawings to construction in the Brazilian public space. This publication is a harmonious combination between own scientific data from a research paper and oral testimonies of those close to the landscape. The result of this miscellany makes this work in further research that exists at the moment about urban interventions of Roberto Burle Marx.